Study Planners

Star Home Tuitions introduces a cost effective method of selection of the right path towards a child’s Academic Achievement.

Study Plans not only helps cover up Maximum Studies in less time but it also generates time for various other activities which are an essential for every Child’s overall Ability, Knowledge and Skills.

Study Plan is

  • An organized schedule that outlines components like study Duration & learning goals.
  • It helps a student to complete his/her studies without the constant reminders of an instructor.
  • Through study planners, SHT provides an effective way to organize one’s educational goals.
  • It focuses on time management and reduces wastage of time.
  • Study planner contribute towards self evaluation of a student.
  • It helps to deal with upcoming tests as well as home works.
  • Study planner sets aside enough time for a student dedicated to studies.
  • Study planner proves to be effective motivations to students who face trouble keeping up with the syllabus.
  • It provides a methodology to deal with the preparation and planning for each individual subject.

It helps prioritizing the important parts of one’ s syllabus theory helping  him or her prepare for the assessments.