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One-To-One Private Tuitions for CBSE, ICSE and IB


How can you indulge a student?? Well, not everyone has expertise in this field. Most of the students pursuing their high school or higher secondary education come from various backgrounds, with each one’s perspective, rather, the approach towards studying, differing from the other. Some students tend to learn in groups while others need proper attention to be paid, for them to understand the subject better According to research conducted by the British Council of India, most students tend to fall in the second category.

We, EduEmpire Pvt. Ltd., is a pioneer in providing the best tuition classes in Pune, have understood the importance of one-to-one coaching, and even incorporate our private teaching methodology in classroom training sessions, enabling students to learn better, understand the core of the subject, and excel in their life. Being the best coaching class in Pune, we try to give attention to each and every student, so that they can score high marks and succeed in their exams. With our certified professional teachers, we ensure that each student is given the right guidance.

If you are looking for the best private tuitions in Pune for one-to-one training, then look no further, as we, at EduEmpire, have got you covered. Our one-to-one training methodology is very significant, and has an impact on the students’ results, as the ratio is 1:1 for the students and teachers. One-to-one coaching benefits are more learner-oriented, as compared to other approaches, which makes it ideal for students seeking coaching classes that are held over and above school lectures. We provide one-to-one private tuition for all boards viz CBSE, ICSE and IB so that students can learn the basics and core of the subject, rather than preparing for their exams to simply pass out, which is quite the trend. Let’s look at some benefits of one-to-one private tuitions:

  • Increased Motivation: Since the student is responsible for his/her own homework and learning methods, there are fewer chances of last-minute absence. Being more answerable increases responsibility and motivation


  • Increased Understanding: The teacher can explain concepts more clearly and specifically for the student. Languages and dialects can also be changed to explain concepts for a better understanding of the student.


  • Lesser Distractions: A larger group means that the teacher’s concentration would be divided. This implies that students get distracted easily and may lose focus from what is being taught. Since the teacher is only focused on a single student, and no other peers are present, there are fewer triggers to cause a distraction.


  • Flexible Timings: Since there is no particular layout of the class, students can leave early if they need to, and not miss out on anything. Secondly, if a concept is not completely understood, the duration of the class can be slightly increased.


  • More Time and Attention: Another advantage from one to one private tuition is the amount of time a student will receive from a teacher. As private tuition is usually on a one-to-one basis, teachers can focus their attention fully on a student. With less amount of distractions, the tutor is able to appreciate and work on a student’s weak points, making the whole learning process more effective.

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