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Here is why you should opt for Vacation Batch in Pune at Eduempire Pvt Ltd


Children are often enjoying themselves in the playground or joining camps and workshops during their summer vacation. Some spend time in their home town, whereas some simply do nothing. Summer Vacation is the best time to improve your skills, as well as knowledge, especially when you are about to enter your 8th , 9thor 10th std, which brings about a tense and testing study period. Eduempire offers a way to turn your child’s free time during the vacation, productive and knowledgeable, which will benefit their academics in the coming year. We offer a Vacation Batch in Pune for students of 8th, 9th and 10th class for all board students, which will cover the full syllabus of each subject, in two to three months. The course requires a maximum of 3 hours per day, which allows your children to enjoy the rest of the day enjoying themselves. Our Vacation Batch is the best option for students in other cities that do not have access to quality education options in their city. Pune, being the hub of education, attracts everyone to it for their education and career prospects. For students who are not able to secure admission in the school of Pune city, but still desire to receive a quality education, Eduempire is the perfect place to land. Additionally, we provide accommodation for out-of-town students from neighbouring cities in our boarding and hostel facility.

Some of the advantages of opting for Vacation Batch in Pune are:

  • Most comprehensive syllabus designed and delivered by expert tutors
  • Well-designed batch content ensuring in-depth knowledge of all subjects
  • Utilization of spare time during the vacation period
  • Weekly class tests and assignments for practice
  • Regular feedback is given to parents on the student’s performance
  • Home assignments for the better understanding of the concepts
  • Difficulties are discussed in class so that the student’s doubts are cleared on the spot
  • Career guidance along with syllabus completion
  • The course comprises of last year’s papers and sample questions related to exams
  • Absent students will get the separate monitoring from the staffs regarding the missed classes
  • 100% syllabus completion

Why Eduempire?

EduempirePvt. Ltd. is a leading and trusted home tuition and one on one coaching centre, which also provides other courses in Pune, with over 18+ years of experience. We provide proper assessment for students, along with regular tests, so that the student can be more confident, without having any fear for the exams. Parents are informed about the student’s performance on a regular basis, allowing them to track progress. Our positive classroom environment with personal attention allows for better improvement of the student. Each student is guided according to their capability, to understand concepts, keeping in mind individual strength and weakness.

Regular classroom and home assignments are given to students, for better practice and understanding. The quality teaching from our tutors helps students secure good marks. Our teachers are dedicated to giving their best to students and do the best for them. We have quality tutors and mentors who help each student overcome their difficulties and score well in studies.

To book your seat call us on 80073 60043, write to us at: info@eduempire.com or simply register here

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