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Best One to One Coaching Classes in Pune


Have your child’s grades been consistently dropping? Schools nowadays have become all about cramping 50 students in one classroom. With so many students in a class, it isn’t possible for your child to get the personalized attention needed to do well in school. At Eduempire, we solve this very problem, by offering one-to-one coaching. It is a different concept from other coaching classes, where one teacher tutors just one student at a time. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses. Some may be good at Math, whereas some are good with Chemistry. In a crowded classroom, it is impossible for the teacher to personally teach each student according to their strong and weak areas. With our certified, experienced professional teachers for IB, CBSE & ICSE boards, we ensure that each student is given the right guidance. Our team comprises of the highly skilled individual who is charged with providing essential “pressures and supports” to our pupils so that they attain the ultimate goal of raising student achievement.

Our one to one coaching at Edu Empire is one of the most effective ways to bring out the best in students, we help them to develop their talents and strengths, build their skills and confidence and help them to outshine in their life. We at Edu Empire Pvt. Ltd. offer coaching classes for IB, CBSE & ICSE boards primary and secondary students from 1st to 12th Std. We provide classes for all types of subjects and for all Boards which includes IB, CBSE & ICSE.

The one-to-one coaches at Eduempire focus solely on your child and give more importance to subjects that require more time to be understood. Another factor that sets students apart from each other is the style of learning. Our teachers can understand where exactly the student gets stuck, and make sure that the concept is understood 100% in a way that they can grasp. When there are multiple students, no attention is paid to handwriting, writing speed or concentration, but with our one-to-one coaching, we focus on the overall development of your child, by integrating organizational and communication skills in the class. What is the one thing that students forget the most? Homework. Getting away from completing homework is easy with so many students around. One-to-one coaching doesn’t give the students anywhere to hide. Having no choice but to do the homework also makes your child more responsible and answerable in the long run.

At Eduempire, we have seen extremely successful results with one-to-one coaching. The interactive learning process adopted by us makes learning interesting for each student. We invite you to our institute to take a look at the infrastructure and talk to our teachers.

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