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All you wanted to know about NIOS


It is the biggest open schooling system in the world

It grants Distance Learning Opportunity too

Apart from the improvement tests, if any child wishes to give his twelfth but however can’t because of different conditions. NIOS offers a choice where the student can go for his twelfth standard sessions on the web. For this situation, there are open examinations happening two times a year.

It offers self-instructional print materials, audio, video and CDs supported by Personal Contact Programs (personal doubt clearing sessions)

NIOS is carried on the idea of ODES (On-Demand – Examination-System), which encourages the students to take up the improvement tests according to their desire and planning. These tests are conducted each month.


NIOS offers various sorts of Online Admission, which is isolated into 4 Streams:

Stream 1 – This is for all the students willing to appear for the twelfth standard tests online. These tests are led twice in a year, in two slots.

Slot 1: April/May (Admissions from March – September with late charges)

Slot 2: October/November (Admissions September –  March with late charges)

These tests will be led in the Accredited Institutes selected by the students, at the time of admission.

Improvement tests for the understudies showing up in the Public tests must be taken once in each subject, inside five years and the understudy more likely than not go in that subject.


Stream II – This is for the students who couldn’t clear, or couldn’t show up in the Public Examination led by their particular Exam Board. They can rewrite in October/November of that respective year utilizing their unique admit card/failed mark sheet issued by the board the student is studying in. For example, if a student does not show up or clear his/her tests in April, he/she can choose re-tests in October/November.


Stream III – This is for students settling on the ODES at the Secondary level (standard 12th ). Any student, having passed twelfth from an authorised Board/University, can choose part admission for improvement exams in 1 or up to 4 subjects. Students who couldn’t show up for/clear the tests can likewise apply in this stream. He/she can do as such by presenting his ID card (Hall ticket)/unique failed mark sheet.


Benefits of  CHOOSING NIOS:

  • Permits you take the test at whatever point you are prepared and ready for it.
  • Has a fixed time and timetable for the tests
  • Odds of failures are less, as you are better prepared according to your benefit
  • The results are quickly declared in the following month
  • Each question paper for every individual is separate, so the chances f malpractice are activities are negligible.

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