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Why Should Children Be Home Tutored?


India has an endless amount of tutoring or coaching centres that people flock to everyday. Students, right from the primary section are now sent for private tuitions, as the burden of school work keeps increasing every year. In between all of this, home tuitions have carved a niche for themselves. Nowadays, most parents prefer home tuitions, as opposed to sending students for group coaching classes. Home tuitions involve tutoring services by a tuition teacher at home. While there are some parents who do this for safety, others do it to cut off distraction. Whatever their reason may be, the number of home tutors is rising every year. So why exactly are home tutors for kids preferred?

  • Slipping Grades: Slipping grades are a huge reason for parents to begin home tuitions. When students fall behind in school, the best way to know why is to get personalized feedback from a tutor who can gauge the advantages and disadvantages of the student. Methods of teaching can also be altered according to the student, which shows great results.
  • Familiar Atmosphere: Studies show that a familiar atmosphere facilitates learning. When a student is in a comfortable place, his/her mind is at ease, which allows for a free mind that can concentrate more on what it being taught.
  • Lesser Distractions: Friends can prove to be a distraction. With endless chit chat and less focus on the syllabus, a group study can prove to be disadvantageous. Home tutoring ensures that there is no distraction from outside elements, and the student can focus on learning. Methods of teaching can also be altered according to the student, which shows great results.
  • Increased Social Interaction: Falling behind in grades and not understanding what is taught in class affects a student’s confidence. This in turn, leads to distancing oneself from people around, due to the fear of being judged. When a student has conceptual clarity and knows subject matter, his/her confidence builds, which leads to participation in class, as well as socializing with others. 
  • Creative Methods: Home tuition means that the teacher can come up with fun and creative ways to make learning interesting. This way, the student can actually learn to apply what he/she has been taught, in real life. More interest in subject matter also means better understanding of what is taught.
  • Better Results: Home tuitions have shown to greatly improve the student’s results in school. Most students have reported an increase in school performance by more than 70% .
  • Increased Safety: Rather than sending younger children to other centers for tuition, which can be dangerous due to predators and traffic on roads, home tuitions are much safer, as the student does not have to leave the comfort of his/her home.

Home tuitions have proved to facilitate better learning of students, and shown great results, not just in the school performance, but also the behavior of students. At Edu Empire, we provide affordable tuition services. Our home tuition for kids, in Pune, is regarded as one of the top tuition services in Pune.

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