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Best Home Tuition’s provider in Viman Nagar, Pune


Every student is different, and their learning capabilities. Some students can understand their lesson quickly, while some students take time and need extra guidance to study effectively. Therefore, home tuition or private tuition may be necessary in order to get a quality education. A lot of parents are already hiring the best tutor for their children to assist in their studies. Here is what Eduempire Pvt. Ltd.’s Home Tuitions and One-to-One Coaching have to offer to your child.

Children spend almost 7 to 8 hours in school each day, after which they have homework, projects, and studying to do. In the midst of it all, travelling to a tuition centre can get quite tiring for students, and they begin slacking off throughout the day, which is understandable. At Eduempire, we believe that you’re only young once, and students should have some free time to themselves each day, to cool off. Our home tuition classes in Pune offer the best solution, where we provide tutors at your residence, which removes the hassle of your child having to commute to a tuition centre elsewhere.


Our home tuitions carry all the benefits of one-to-one coaching, with the added advantage of students studying in the comfort of their own home. The home atmosphere is perfect to enhance creativity and concentration since there aren’t any friends around to distract your child. Being comfortable also allows them to concentrate better. At Eduempire, we have more than 1200 qualified home tutors for 1st-12th standard, who have been pre-screened to ensure that your child is safe at all times. You can opt for a male or female teacher, depending on your preferences, and even choose weekend batches, which gives your child more free time during the week. Our home tutors understand the student’s learning style and weak areas and focus on giving them all-round development, which boosts their overall score and prepares them for life ahead in whatever field they choose.


Established in 2001, Eduempire has grown to be Number 1 in the field of private tuition, with the vision of being the most trusted and leading home tuition provider in Pune. Our home tuitions are charged on an hourly basis, allowing for flexibility in classes. If you need more information on home tuitions or any other classes, you can visit our centre or call us at +91 – 80073 60043, and we will resolve your queries.

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