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Best Board Exam Preparation with Board Rehearsal Exam (BRE)


With the academic year reaching an end, anxiety of board exams is something hanging over the pupils. Well before the various board exams for 10th (SSC, CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, IGCSE ) and 12th (CBSE, HSC, ISC, IB) boards, here comes the thumping preliminary exam.


Properly named, BRE (board rehearsal exam) as these seem to be “elementary tests” that fill in as a forerunner for students to encounter the complexities of the board exams arrangement.

BRE (board rehearsal exam) are the mock tests conducted at Eduempire centre, and difficulty level of test paper and design are for the most part of the test similar to the real exam papers

Mock test before the board exams may appear to be repetitive to a few, as its sole object is to assist students with measuring their planning level and to make them mindful of the board-level exam paper.

BRE (board rehearsal exam) Make Students Serious for Board Exams

The main reason for BRE (board rehearsal exam) session is to bring out sincerity among the board exam applicants. The test gives a real feel of the exams

The BRE (board rehearsal exam) paper opens students to different sorts of challenges they may confront while endeavoring the actual situation. The test resembles the real board exam session to make students serious for up and coming board tests. The outcome of these BRE (board rehearsal exam) tests will assist the students in recognizing which subjects require more consideration.

BRE (board rehearsal exam): A sign of Your Preparation

BRE (board rehearsal exam) results are just a sign of the present degree of readiness. They are intended to set students to face the board test with confidence and eventually empower students to score more marks.

The presentation of students in BRE (board rehearsal exam) enormously mirrors their readiness for forthcoming board tests. Getting 55%, 65% or might be 80% is a sign of your readiness for the board exams.  Your BRE (board rehearsal exam) marks expose where you stand in the challenge and the amount more effort is required to improve your scores.

Distinguish the Weak Areas:

As the board tests are coming closer, the stress among students begins to increase about the portion their readiness level. Subsequently, BRE (board rehearsal exam) empowers students in recognizing their weak spots, understand the assessment sample, and work on improving them.

Why Choose BRE (board rehearsal exam) Conducted by Eduempire

BRE (board rehearsal exam) is conducted a month prior to the actual respective board exam so the students are prepared. This exam is conducted for 9th ICSE, all 10th (SSC, CBSE, ICSE, NIOS, IGCSE ) and 12th (CBSE, HSC, ISC, IB) boards.

BRE (board rehearsal exam) papers are set by experienced faculty who have already worked on their respective boards. These papers are made taking into consideration factors like which questions may come, weightage, repetition, marking scheme, etc.

We give the students the real feel of the exams the students get hall tickets, timetable, results, and explanation of the answer sheets after the exam which helps them to understand where they have gone wrong, what was expected so they don’t make the same mistakes in boards.

Every student who is going to appear for their r boards should attend this exam to take out the fear and nervousness out of them for boards. This exam gives them the confidence to write much better papers on board exams. After giving this exam, students get to know how they are supposed to write board papers.

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