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5 Signs You Need One-On-One Coaching


What is One-On-One Coaching?

In recent years, a lot of coaching institutes have emerged all over India which provide excellent guidance for IIT and NEET entrance exams. These exams are a common entrance exam conducted for students who are interested in joining the engineering or medical fields. They are a tough nut to crack but the experts from these coaching institutes provide accurate study material and guidance. But every year, more than ten lakh students appear for these exams and each institute has close to five to eight thousand students enrolled in their institutes. It might so happen sometime that you feel lost in this vast crowd or are not comfortable in a large group. You might need some extra help or personal attention which is difficult to get in big classrooms. This is where one-on-one coaching comes handy.

How Do You Decide if You Need Personal Coaching?

The general stigma in India is that only weak students require personal attention from teachers since they are not able to cope up with the speed at which the overall class is progressing. But this might not be the case. Due to the demanding nature of the IIT/NEET exams, all students at some point in their tedious journey might feel the need to talk to someone personally and seek some help. Here are a few signs to help you decide you need one-on-one coaching.

  • Sometimes in huge classes, you might feel the tremendous pressure of the competition around you. You might feel that others are moving faster than you are. This is the right time to seek help personally from your professors. They will help you to regain your confidence by paying complete attention to your progress.
  • The syllabus for the entrance exams is vast. It might so happen that you are unable to grasp a few very difficult concepts. One-on-one coaching will help you to understand these difficult concepts as your coach will try different techniques to teach them, whereas he might follow a single, general method in class.
  • If you are unable to organize your time and are not able to keep up with the solving speed of the class, personal coaching will be a great help. Your coach will look into every aspect of problem-solving and will make sure you are following the right steps and methods in solving the problems.
  • Sometimes, due to the immense workload, you might find yourself skipping a few topics to keep up with the syllabus. This can prove to be extremely dangerous during your examination. One-on-one coaching will ensure that you cover all your missed topics as you will be personally accountable to your coach.

You’ve been studying every day, but your scores in practice tests are consistently low. When you are putting in a lot of effort, yet are unable to gain satisfactory results, it’s time to pinpoint the problem and get some extra help. Teachers in coaching will help you identify your weaker areas and will help you clear all your doubts.

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