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5 Fun Study Tips to Make a Boring Subject Interesting


Try -Try But Never Cry

When studying for an exam, you might often find yourself counting down the days when you will be free of books and question papers. This might start at an early stage, thus demotivating you to study for a longer period of time. You and your parents might try various techniques to keep you motivated but if you have to study a subject which you find extremely boring, that just becomes a cherry on top. Studying can be a very trying experience. But in order to survive in this competitive world, it is very important for you to have a successful career. So then how do you motivate yourself to get through these tough times? How can you make studying not just tolerable but actively fun?

Fun Tips to Keep You Motivated

Not everyone finds every subject interesting. Some people are born creative whereas some people like more logic-based subjects. A few external factors also influence your likes and disliked when it comes to studying such as you might not have a strong foundation for that subject or you had a boring teacher who taught the subject in a dull and uninteresting manner. Here are a few tips to make even the most boring subjects fun.

  1. Create a story out of the important subject. This is a legitimate memory technique as well as a fun learning technique. We always remember the bedtime stories that our parents used to tell us. Try to weave important concepts into these stories and repeat these stories to others, thus helping you to memorize them.

  2. Try to look at that particular subject from a different perspective. Yes, you might have been taught to look at it very logically and book-based. Experiment with different learning strategies and find the one which suits you the best.

  3. Look for alternative study materials. If you find a particular subject boring, do not rely completely on your textbook. Try to find other sources online such as audiobooks or interactive videos. Visual aids are a really helpful source while studying boring or difficult subjects.

  4. Make colorful notes. Who doesn’t like coloring? When you write answers or make notes, try to use colorful pens and stickers to make it more interesting. You can also make a colorful mind map with all the keywords and important concepts highlighted in your favorite colors. This will save you time while revising and make it fun and interesting.

  5. A change of scenario also goes a long way in getting rid of your boredom. Don’t always study in your room or the dining hall. Go out into the fresh air. Take your books and sit in your garden or go to the park. Green grass and fresh air can make even the dullest subjects fresh and interesting.

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