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Why Coaching Institutes are Better than Self-Study for NEET


What Do Coaching Classes Provide

Coaching institutes have developed all over the country as a boon for students appearing for competitive exams. The nature of competitive exams is to test your endurance and make sure that only the best of the best are chosen in the professional fields of medicine and engineering. It is not easy to crack these exams on a whim. They require a lot of determination, preparation, and proper guidance. Coaching institutes aim to provide the best possible guidance for students to help them get through this tedious process as smoothly as possible. Most students tend to take the tremendous burden of these competitive exams and they end up confusing themselves or they give up hope. Coaching institutes provide you with expert professionals who have years of industrial experience. They aim to provide you with the best possible study material, prepared from thorough research and knowledge. 

Coaching Institutes Vs Self Study

Some students are under the impression that they can crack these exams through self-study and do not require any help from others. This is a common misconception. Self-study can be and must be a part of your preparation but do not rely completely on yourself. Rather it is unfair to put so much burden on your shoulders. Let the experts hold your hand through this difficult journey. Let them guide you through the rough parts and help you cross over to the other side safely. Here are a few pros and cons of coaching institutes and self-study.

  1. Coaching institutes provide you with a perfectly planned syllabus and all the necessary and appropriate study material for your preparation. You do not end up wasting time looking for study material and getting confused between the books. All you have to do is stay focused and follow the plan.
  2. Coaching classes keep you updated regarding all the changes in the exam pattern or syllabus format. You do not miss out on the important information which you otherwise might have if you were studying on your own.
  3. Coaching institutes help you to keep on track by following a strict time table. You do not divert from the topics and focus solely on the schedule. If you follow up with the timelines of the coaching classes, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a great score.
  4. Another great advantage of attending a coaching institute is that you have thousands of peers who are going through the same thing as you. Peer support is of utmost importance during times of great pressure. It also helps you to judge the competition and get an idea of where you stand in terms of your own preparation.
  5. Coaching institutes make it a point to conduct continuous assessment. This helps you to keep on track with your syllabus, practice over and over again and help you to check your own level of preparations. You might lack this in self-study.

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