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Expert Tips to Crack NEET in 2020


The Gateway to Medical Heaven

Do you aspire to be a great doctor? Do you want to save lives and help people? Then the NEET exam is your ticket to medical heaven. It is without a doubt a tough nut to crack. But even the hardest and the most resilient hammer can crack this nut. All you need is determination and discipline. Aiming for a career to save millions of lives irrefutably takes a candidate who is diligent, hardworking and passionate about the medical profession. It is very important for you to put your best step forward when aspiring to join this demanding feel. Don’t be daunted by the fact that thousands of students appear for this exam every year. If you follow these few simple tips, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. 

Expert Tips to Crack NEET Exams

Any and all competitive exams require a lot of advance planning and discipline from your side. It is not easy to crack these exams without proper planning and guidance. The syllabus is huge and you have to practice over and over again to perfect your skills. The three main focus points of the NEET exams are physics, chemistry, and biology. Here are a few expert tips to help you get over the exam anxiety and prepare to the best of your capacity.

  1. Start preparing well in advance. It is advisable to begin your NEET preparation in Class 9th or 10th. This allows you plenty of time to understand the syllabus, practice the difficult topics and not leave anything out due to the time crunch. 
  2. Make a proper study plan. Even if you start preparing well in advance, it is very important to have a proper structure to your studies. Make a timetable for every week with a list of topics that need to be covered. Try your best to stick to this schedule. 
  3.  Understand the latest syllabus. Find out which topics are of importance for the current year. Some topics can be common for your NEET as well as your board exam. Prepare these well and then dedicate your time to the other topics. Always keep a copy of the syllabus with you while studying. 
  4. Practice, practice and more practice. The most important habit that you must instill in yourself is to never stop the practice. The questions that appear in the NEET exams can sometimes be quiet tricky. Therefore it is important to practice over and over again to understand the pattern and try all the possible combinations of the questions. 
  5. Be sure to make a folder of all the past question papers and solve them one by one as you progress through the syllabus. Test yourself at each point and try to focus more on the topics which you think you are weak at. Avoid guesswork in your answers at all costs. Refer to the best study material but do not confuse yourself by buying too many reference books.

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