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IB Tuition Franchise Option


Become a part of our growing story. Earn with us. Give yourself a solid foundation in Entrepreneurship with EduEmpire Pvt. Ltd. We are the best tuition centre in Pune for all school students, undergraduates, and graduate students. We are a Franchise that will change your Life.

Owning A Franchise With All It’s Hard Work, Is Just Another Type Of Entrepreneurship

Grab The Opportunity. Own IB Tuition Franchise

We have been a pioneer IB tuition service provider in Pune. Currently we are offering IB tuition classes in three areas of Pune. We are looking for committed franchisees to be a part of this exciting business venture. Owning an educational franchise is kind of doing a noble cause as you are helping in creating the future leaders of this country. As there are less coaching centres for IB students, it’s the best opportunity to own a franchise as IB Board is flourishing in India and especially in Pune. Many schools have opted IB boards and it is claimed to be the best educational board for students due to their subject pattern and exam curriculum. Many students search for tuitions, to score more marks in their exams and have an in-depth knowledge of the particular subject.

We have been providing the best tuition service for IB Students and the marks of our students say so. By using our processes and by helping children excel in academics, you could easily earn a hefty amount of money and it could be much more if you are passionate about your work and can brighten the future of children. Most of our customers are concerned about their children future. They don’t mind paying for their children’s future. All they want is Quality and Results. EduEmpire Pvt. Ltd. processes, system, and methodologies guarantee the tutoring quality.

EduEmpire Franchise Pune

Why Eduempire Franchise?

  • Fastest Growing Education Franchise Network model in Pune
  • 13 years of experience running the education business.
  • Complete handholding of Franchise Partner.
  • Excellent Growth Opportunity & High return on investment.
  • Latest Delivery Methodology with extensive evaluation.
  • Latest Scientific Counselling approach for the student.
  • Collaborative efforts for Branding, Marketing & Operations.

Eduempire’s Franchising provides unique and proven training, systems, branding and business expertise so you may develop a vibrant business. All you need to do is work hard to establish your business, follow the Eduempire’s Systems, have a positive attitude, be willing to learn and apply our training, communicate well, utilize our outstanding brand and trademarks.

Our support to you is not limited to signing the Franchise Agreement. We also provide you with tremendous support throughout the contract period. At EduEmpire Pvt. Ltd., we have a team of experienced business staff and technical assistance staff to help you in running your tutoring venture successfully.

EduEmpire Pvt. Ltd. can be your perfect IB franchise solution. Call us on +91 – 80073 60043 or send us an inquiry at info@eduempire.com to get started.

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