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Know These Benefits Of A One-To-One Coaching Class



One of the most highly debated approaches to teaching is the one-to-one coaching approach. As the name implies, one-to-one teaching involves one teacher and one learner per session, which is conducted in the tuition centre itself. Many people feel that one-to-one coaching is the best way to learn, whereas some people feel that a classroom or group environment facilitates better learning. Agreed, that every teaching approach has its advantages and disadvantages, one-to-one coaching benefits are more learner oriented, as compared to other approaches, which makes it ideal for students seeking coaching classes that are held over and above school lectures. Let’s discuss 10 of these benefits of one-to-one coaching:

1. Flexible Timings: Since there is no particular layout of the class, students can leave early if they need to, and not miss out on anything. Secondly, if a concept is not completely understood, the duration of the class can be slightly increased.

2. Flexible Pace: The one-on-one coaching session structure can be altered according to the student’s pace of learning. This ensures that the student is not left back in case he/she is a slow learner.

3. Increased Motivation: Since the student is responsible for his/her own homework and learning methods, there are less chances of last minute absence. Being more answerable increases responsibility and motivation.

4. Better Communication: The student can address any doubts and get them clarified on the spot, which leads to better understanding. The student can also talk to the teacher about any difficulties with certain topics, and strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed.

5. More Feedback: Most students are worried about giving the teacher any feedback, due to embarrassment that the teacher might face. In a one-to-one classroom, there is privacy, and a more trustworthy atmosphere.

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6. Increased Understanding: The teacher can explain concepts more clearly and specifically for the student. Languages and dialects can also be changed to explain concepts for better understanding of the student.

7. Better Student-Teacher Relationship: A one-on-one atmosphere results in more understanding between the student and teacher and results in a better relationship between them.

 8. Lesser Distractions: A larger group means that the teacher’s concentration would be divided. This implies that students get distracted easily and may lose focus from what it being taught. Since the teacher is only focused on a single student, and no other peers are present, there are fewer triggers to cause distraction.

 9. Creative Methods of Teaching: A teacher can be as creative as he/she wants, and adjust methods of teaching to suit the student. Since each student has certain likes and dislikes, one-on-one coaching ensures that the methods of teaching are personalized.

 10. Better Results: One-on-one coaching has proven to have great results for students, as there is more focus on the student’s learning abilities.

With a more learner-centered experience, the benefits of one-to-one coaching are aimed towards better learning of the student. Since tuition sessions are a supplement to the school classes, it is advisable that parents opt for one-on-one coaching.


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