Swami Vivekanand College

Swami Vivekanand College of distance Education a well-known name in education! Last few years, SVC has seen tremendous growth in all ways, the infrastructure, courses, and amenities to name a few. It is to be seen to be believed. The proximity and location of SVC College is an added advantage to our students. With excellent facilities, SVC is premier institution is imparting commerce and many other courses like management, media, financing, IT, etc. Here opportunity are immense, one who knows how to make use of it, always succeeds!!!

Ganpat University

Since our inception in 2005, we have helped graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled professionals – making a positive impact across the globe. Our research helps solve social, economic and environmental challenges the world is facing today and into the future. We’re tightly connected with our communities, at home and around the globe – a connection that enriches our learning, teaching and research.

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