Our one to one coaching at Edu Empire is one of the most effective ways to bring out the best in students, we help them to develop their talents and strengths, build their skills and confidence and help them to outshine in their life.

“Give a student a tutor and his homework is done for a day. Coach Students to manage their work themselves, and they will be effective for a lifetime.”

We at Edu Empire Pvt. Ltd. offer coaching classes for IB, CBSE & ICSE boards primary and secondary students from 1st to 12th Std. We provide classes for all type of subjects and for all Boards which includes IB, CBSE & ICSE. With our certified, experienced professional teachers for IB, CBSE & ICSE boards, we ensure that each student is given the right guidance. Our team comprises of highly skilled individual who is charged with providing essential “pressures and supports” to our pupils so that they attain the ultimate goal of raising student achievement.

We won’t finish our class if the student is not satisfied with the teaching method or didn’t understand the particular subject. We guarantee that we will provide 100% satisfaction to our students, as our faculties are committed to their work. Individual attention is given to the child that eventually makes him/her more open to the learning process. When the student finds the subject interesting it will automatically boost him/her to perform better in the exams.

Our effective one to one coaching for IB, CBSE & ICSE boards helps in improving retention of learning, offering opportunities to talk about what has been learned and to apply learning in to action. Most of the students lack applying the learning into action and end up blaming the Indian Education System, so we promise that we will make it deliver so that it will automatically improve the child behaviour. An interactive classroom is what makes the ambience good and helps everyone to progress.

We at Edu Empire create a common approach to working together on activities and solving problems and great questions and listening encourages students to work together. It helps in providing opportunity to learn from each other and develop the skills of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The faculty at EduEmpire Pvt. Ltd. exhibit the role that is needed in a Tutor i.e. Motivator, Mentor and Skilled Trainer. Don’t worry about your child future once you get them enrolled with Edu Empire. The most effective one to one coaching in Pune with the best certified experts from this field.

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