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Other Training

Rather than the normal training classes, we also provide various Other Training Programs that will help the students to boost up their resume for future. Our programs incorporate focus techniques, communication skills, fundamental clearing, doubt clearing seminar etc.

Other Professional Training

We take seriously our responsibility not only to improve the students or professional’s calibre, but to share our knowledge with others.

Some of our Programmes are mentioned below:

  • Focus Techniques

Focus Techniques has become a must for today’s students as their mind is constantly diverted.

Experts will make them learn few techniques which will help them for better focusing in studies and other fields. This will help them not only to excel in their studies but in the long run also. Master this skill at Edu Empire Pvt. Ltd.

  • Practicals

Great Opportunity for 9th, 10th STD students to do science practical of physics and biology lesson wise (according to syllabus) science practical will be conducted for extra knowledge.

Extra knowledge for students to know better about the subject in depth.

Practical’s will be conducted on Sat/Sun only

  • Communication Skills For All

Freshers, Housewives, Job- seekers and all who wants to climb up the ladder of success.

Join us for the same and see your career grow…   Communication skills help you in all fields.

  • Fundamental Clearing

For 10th ,11th ,12th all boards and entrance examinations. Get your basics clear before the examination  and fly with colourful marks. It’s better to understand the fundamentals rather than mug up the entire subject.

  • Doubt Clearing Seminar

We will conduct a seminar every alternative weekend to clear all the doubts that still prevail. It will be a great way to cross check how much the student has progressed. It is applicable for all boards and classes.

Some of the courses are

  • NIIT
  • IIT
  • JEE
  • Foundation Courses
  • School Project
  • BRE
  • FRE
  • Terminal Rehearsal
  • Communication Skills
  • Franchise Module
  • Science Practice
  • Guest Lectures
  • Quiz

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